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MMICOM founded in 2019 within the framework of TÜBİTAK 1512 program. The targeted project is defined as an innovative MMIC product which involves design and production of an RF power amplifier operating in 24-28 GHz with a switching capability of the maximum output power. The frequency range includes two main dedicated application specific bands. First is 24-24.25 GHz ISM band suitable for automotive radar applications and the other is 24.25-27.5 GHz which is one of the pioneering frequency bands for the 5G New Radio. While in the first sub-band the output RF power cannot exceed 0.1 Watt, in the second sub-band an output power of over 1 Watt will be achievable.

Who we are 

What we do

MMICOM is located in Ankara, Turkey. We are your powerful and responsive partner for the standard and custom MMIC products, engineering services and application support. Manufacturing is provided by the selected and ISO certified production partners.

We are developing MMIC amplifier design for radar and 5G application and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) customers. MMICOM is also expert in the RF and microwave antenna and hardware design at the PCB and compact module level. Our products find applications in wireless communications, movement and remote sensing, traffic supervision and analyzing systems, sport equipment and much more.

Infrastructure and Experience

Why use MMIC

MMICOM works with state-of-the-art simulation and engineering tools. Engineering is powered by the experience, creativity and knowledge of our engineers.

In the ever-expanding interconnected world of wireless communication and remote sensing, MMICs are the inevitable building blocks of any consumer products. MMIC design together with high speed processors are without doubt conquering the realms of 5G, IoT and military equipment.

MMICOM also provides engineering services. This includes the design of custom hardware from schematics to PCB-Layout and mechanical enclosure. Designed items can be delivered to the customers as prototypes and even large quantities.   Do you need a custom antenna design? , do you need an application specific MMIC amplifier? , do you need an RF transceiver module?, do you need a high-speed PCB design? – Ask our antenna and hardware design experts! Whether you are looking...