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MMICOM also provides engineering services. This includes the design of custom hardware from schematics to PCB-Layout and mechanical enclosure. Designed items can be delivered to the customers as prototypes and even large quantities. Do you need a custom antenna design? , do you need an application specific MMIC amplifier? , do you need an RF transceiver module?, do you need a high-speed PCB design?– Ask our antenna and hardware design experts! Whether you are looking for standard antennas as Patch or Horn or more complex Vivaldi or Sinuous designs, we can support you with proven solutions the design and fabrication of mechanical housings is also possible. Our design team works with state-of-the-art software to realize your ideas.



Antenna Design

Antenna Types

Besides the well-known patch (array) antenna, we design other antennas like PCB slot, slot yagi and also VHF/UHF Whip antennas for military applications. Applications sometimes demand specialized field pattern, beam steering and other customer-specific characteristics.


Many years of experience in designing planar microstrip antennas lead to efficient and reliable results. We design patch, slot and other antenna types on different PCB materials. We can assure the optimal solution for your needs - from low cost to high end products.

Design and Simulation

For our microwave antenna design we use different CAE tools. 

The art of MW design


Antennas&Radio Frequency (RF) Circuits


RF Antenna Placement on Aircraft

RF and Mixed Signal High Speed PCB Design

As your partner for engineering and applied research project, an important part of MMICOM’s activities is customer specific R&D that ultimately results in a new product development. As one of our fields of expertise, we are able to develop the hardware for a radio link system starting from the RF front end, down to the base band processing unit. All the requirements in the PCB design of RF side as well as high speed digital side, including EMI/EMC and power and signal integrity issues are being considered so that an optimal and reliable product can be delivered to the customer.


Power Amplifier Design

Power amplifier design for RF transmitters is also one of our field of expertise. RF PA design are being carried out from VHF up to millimeter-wave frequencies and RF power levels of up to several hundred watts. Based on the frequency and the output power, the final product can be developed as a single MMIC or as a large enclosed module, containing heatsinks and fans for cooling purposes. Tunable design can also be carried out upon request.


12 Layer, 6GHz Wideband Receiver PCB